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 1.Introduction / General information

  • Technical drawing is a very interesting practical vocational subject which involves the use of geometrical methods and principles to come up with any desired drawing or design.
  • It was introduced at St. Henry’s College Kitovu in February, 2005.
  • It was at some time being offered in the 1970’s but due to the political instability which led to the destruction of some of the school property it was put on halt for some time.
  • However at the beginning of Term I 2005, the school administration deemed it necessary to re-introduce the subject as part of the college curriculum.
  • By the end of 2005, it was being offered in all the streams of senior one and senior five as a fourth principle (of the principle subjects)
  • To date it is being offered in all the classes from senior one to senior six. Because of the skills acquired in the subject it has become very popular seeing increasing student enrollment year by year.
  • Very many senior two students have always willingly chosen technical drawing as their optional subject in S.3 hence the ever increasing number of TD students. The performance has always been one of the best which is a source of motivation and encouragement to the students.
  • The number of students enrolling for T.D at A level has also increased over a period of time due to a good performance exhibited from the As and Bs registered every year from students of PMTD and METD that contribute to the excellent performance of 20pts every year.

 2. Staffing:

  • The department has got a team of four hardworking, committed and well motivated teachers who are self driven and effective in their service delivery.

They include;

  1. Mr. Sseremba Denis (Head of Department)
  2. Mr. Kkungu Edward Armstrong
  3. Mr. Atuhura Gerald
  • Team work and continuous improvement has always been our driving force.   

3.Activities in the department:

There have always been a number of activities on going with continuous innovations and creativity as our goal.

They include the following among others.

  1. Manufacture of precast concrete pavers which has also helped in the paving of some walk ways around the college.
  2. Site visits and field study tours to different projects and factories related to the building field.
  3. Making of complete working drawings (architectural plans by students).
  4. Making of architectural building models out of box paper.
  5. Discussion groups by students on their own with or without the teachers.


The department has got its own drawing room, teacher’s office and store.

It is well stocked with both drawing tables and portable drawing boards.

We also have a number of T-squares which are used by the students.

We have also been provided with a number of Text books for both reference and student’s research work available at any time students need them.

We have enough furniture to cater for all students.