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Welcome to the Department of Geography. Geography is one of the core and compulsory subjects in the Ordinary level curriculum. It also forms one of the subject combinations at the Advanced level curriculum. Geography as a subject belongs to the Humanities and it is both a knowledge extension and value subject.


The teaching of Geography at St. Henry’s College is done by a team of stilled and experienced graduate teachers which includes the following;

  1. Mr. Kironde Thomas - Head of department
  2. Mr. Tumusiime John Baptist - Director of Studies
  3. Mr. Kibirige  Alex
  4. Mr. Natumanya Joresmeh
  5. Mr. Mujuni Elias
  6. Mr. Nyesigire Ronald

At SHACK, we believe that Geography is a key academic discipline for the 21st century breaking down boundaries between sciences and humanities. The appeal of Geography lies in its international ambitions, scope and relevance to life.

In our contemporary world from global inequalities to the dynamics of urban life and natural ecosystems. Geography is concerned with complex environmental and social processes, change and possibilities across the globe.

Geography Department


At SHACK, Field work is central to learning and practicing Geography. Teaching in the field brings the subject to life, it allows students to put into practice the skills and ideas discussed in class as well as advancing discovery and understanding the world. It is therefore a school policy to conduct field work at Senior three and Senior five to tour around the College as well as other selected Geographical Locations.

  • Geography is taught as a class room subject and also practically outside the class through field work.
  • The teaching of Geography practically covers the areas of map reading, photo graphic interpretation and field work which are the compulsory areas at both ordinary and Advanced levels of the curriculum.
  • The school policy therefore requires that learners at senior 3 and 5 undertake field work studies around the school and beyond. Annually the Geography department organizes fieldwork excursions around the school and in Western Uganda. This is intended to expose the learners to a variety of aspects in Physics and human geography given the rich diversity of relevant Geography content in that region.
  • The field work exercise is cost-shared between the school and parents of the learners to meet the expenses of travel, accommodation, feeding and studying.
  • The department also organizes internal workshops and external seminars facilitated by re-known teachers across the Country at both ordinary and Advanced levels. This is carried out at both teacher and students levels.

Geography Department


  • The school has a rich library stock of text books in the custody of the school library. This is freely accessed and used by both learners and teachers throughout the year.
  • The school also encourages and requires parents to provide learners with the basic text books in the compulsory areas of the subject. This enables the learners and teachers to easily access learning materials for regular hands on exercises in class.
  • The school also provides learners and teachers with unlimited access to the internet for up-to-date teaching learning resources on the web. Therefore the department encourages all well wishers to contribute any relevant teaching learning resources available on the webs to enhance their current data bank of content.


Uganda also known as Pearl of Africa has 30% of the world’s finest features everyone would wish to see. Among these, there is L. Nkuttege which has the same shape like African continent. Relief is cause of the existing features like mountains, valleys, hills. Mountain Rwenzori is the largest undiscovered Eden of today’s world. It has many species of Flora and Fauna which make the trek amidst its curtains of foliage enjoyful. It has 273 species of birds which make music for any broken human spirit. It makes nature’s own orchestra beacon even to us the people as the greatest bio-diverse garden. The snow caped peak Margherita of 5109metres above sea level leads to flow of a rushing river melted snow down to R. Nyamwamba. This makes me think that Mt. Rwenzori should be considered under world’s greatest wonders.

Chimpanzees and Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga Gorilla National park have reduces dramatically to 5,000 from 20,000 in 1980. The scramble of resources between people and Chimpanzees has mainly influenced their decrease. They include deforestation and encroachment on wild life reserves that has destroyed the sustainable environment conservation programme.

The reduction of these species does not mean the extinction of them. It’s our duty to gain a fantastic sense of humor and much enthusiastic as committed nationalists to usher the fundamental change by stopping to live in the same place of thought. The ineradicable features should not be left unoccupied as the eradicable go to extinction level.

Through promoting the conservation of the unrivalled nature’s beauty and untainted Eden, we can make the best place ever of enchantment around us.



MR. KIRONDE THOMAS (Head of Department)