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French Department offers opportunities to wise students and other professional teachers who may wish to learn the language and be able to communicate outside our English Circle. In fact a god number of SHACK teachers can speak elementary French.

In the world today, learning one language is not enough. A student who speaks many languages multiplies his or her job opportunities in his country and at the international level. Learning another language is acquiring another skill and opening oneself to other personal and professional horizons.

Communication is such a vital thing in this globe today. To communicate, there has to be something common and one of the most important tools is language. More than 200 million people speak French in the 5 continents. French is a great language for international communication. It is the 2nd mostly leant language after English and the 9th most spoken language. French is hence our passport.


To St. Henry’s college Kitovu, French language is our pride. “Le Français est notre fierté”. We are not only preparing our learners for post-secondary education but also for surviving outside the Anglophone environment.

Due to globalization, we would feel cheating our learners in one way or another to have them leave the College without knowing at least the elementary French of S.1 and S.2. Otherwise due to the high demand of French notion in different university courses today, we have made it a guarantee for our students to excel both O and A levels. We are so far at 93% pass with Distinctions and struggling to brush off the 7% that always fall in C3.

We therefore call upon the pubic to think outside the box of Anglophone world as the final harvest will always be high.


The French department had the strong brains behind the excellence of their leaners. These include;

  1. Monsieur David Mukonzo Masereka
  2. Monsieur John Baptist Katamba

We are well formed in body, soul and mind and therefore know what to do. Team work is paramount in the department. We create enough time for our learners to sensitize them and make them love the language and excel. Results will always testify.

These teachers have partnered with French institutions to improve on their repertoire of knowledge such as;

  1. Alliance Française de Kampala on Macknon Street.
  2. Ambassade de France in Uganda on Lumumba Avenue
  3. Association of teachers of French in Uganda (APFO) – Lumumba Avenue.
  4. Cadre de vie en France (CAVIF) of Makerere university Department of European and oriental languages. Among others.

Bienvenus a St. Henry’s, apprenez-vous le Français arec toute confiance d’aller profiter de cette occasion.

Long Live French Department

Long live St. Henry’s College Kitovu


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