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Agriculture at SHACK is one of the optional subjects offered both at ‘O’ and ‘A’ level. It is one of the subjects which are performing well at both levels.


The agriculture department comprises of three experienced, qualified teachers who have a wealth of knowledge in teaching and examining of the subjects at both levels.

The staff comprises of: 

  1. Mr. Atwiine John (Head of Department)
  2. Bro. Lubega  Andrew
  3. Mr. Akatuhiira Amasto  (Lab assistant)


The major activities include;

  1. Normal Teaching
  2. Practical Demonstration lesson
  3. School Projects and DIT projects:
  4. Zero grazing units
  5. Horticultural gardens
  6. Back yard gardening
  7. Piggery unit
  8. Poultry project
  1. Discussion groups
  2. Study Trips e.g Exhibition at Mbuye Farm School, Kabanyolo, Kawanda
  3. Study trip Agriculture Exhibition at the Source of River Nile - Jinja, Kololo, UMA grounds.

Agriculture Department


These include;

  1. Agriculture Laboratory fully stocked with practical materials
  2. Teaching aids
  3. Text books stored in the Library.

 Agriculture Department


Well, most of us simply understand agriculture as the study about crops and animal husbandly. However, there is a wider meaning as it combines the study of economics, mechanics and management as well. My comrades, I as a student who offered agriculture in O’level, I have benefited much and I praise myself for having made a better choice. Not only has it transfigured my academics but also mutated my life. Through practical skills and creativity gained from the principals and practices in Agriculture. I have laid a strong foundation for my future and all Ugandans who are the beneficiaries as well as the Agricultural projects I have so far established.

However, there is a need to sensitize people about the true meaning of agriculture because they keep on asking several questions of “how and why” about the issue of choosing agriculture as an optional subject especially in O’level. My dear readers, sincerely speaking, it is the only subject that one can excel in even without spending sleepless nights in prep reading. What it only requires is going to the field to practice and simply come sit for the paper assured of your distinction.

More so, learners want to curb down the mentality and virus of theoretic learning which is common with other subjects. Through agriculture, they become equipped with practical skills such as fencing, weeding, and machinery repair. This develops their critical thinking, reasoning and prepares them for this competitive world.

It is only through agriculture that one can learn how to conserve nature and appreciate the existence of each creature. This is simply because it educates learners about the relationship between the biotic and abiotic components of the environment and how their interactions results into a self-perpetuating system.

Sad to note is that most people especially the intellectual elites have got misconceptions that Agriculture is a dirty Job and therefore left for the non-elites. Please, you are deceived because it is through Agriculture that we can be self-reliant. Without it, the graduates will always meander on streets seeking for jobs without any hope of finding one that can really fulfill their dreams. Most importantly to note is that it is the back bone of Uganda’s economy and therefore we must engage in it in order for it to thrive smoothly.

According to the recent read national budget, it indicates that 40% of the national income is got from Agriculture sector. This is through export, raw materials for industries and taxes imposed on exports. This has led to the growth and development of the country.

Therefore, my comrades, I humbly request you to come together and cooperate towards the prosperity of the sector.

United we stand and divided we fall.