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This is the Department that is concerned with the day today teaching and learning activities in the College. This office is charged with the responsibility of designing, implementing and supervising all teaching and learning activities in the college from time to time.


The Academics Department is headed by the Deputy headteacher in charge of academics Mr.Katabalwa Joseph.

Under the Deputy Head teacher's office is the Directorate of Studies headed by Mr. Tumusiime John Baptist, The Director of Studies.

The Director of Studies is then assisted by a number of assistant Deputy Headteachers. ie.

  1. Mr. Afayo Robert asst. D.H.T in charge of the high school (A’ level).
  2. Mr. Wadribo Ronald asst. D.H.T in charge of the middle school (S.4& S.3)
  3. Mr. Okello Lastone asst. D.H.T in charge of S.2. He too heads the time table department.
  4. Ms. Kansiime Rose ass D.H.T in charge of S.1
  5. Mr. Katamba John Anthony is an asst. Time table master.

Academics Department

The office of the Director of Studies is equally dependant on the technical advice of heads of department (subject heads) in execution of its duties and responsibilities. The college is made up of 14 academic departments which include;

  1. English Language department
  2. French Department
  3. Mathematics department
  4. Physics department
  5. Biology department
  6. Chemistry department
  7. History department
  8. Geography department
  9. C.R.E department
  10. Agriculture department
  11. Technical drawing department
  12. Fine Art department
  13. ICT department
  14. Business Education department

Below the office of the Heads of department, there are class teachers and class captains. All the above generate ideas that form academic policy of the college.


As earlier noted, the main role of the office of director of studies is supervision of teaching and learning at both ends of key elements i.e the teacher and the learners.

However, a number of related activities are done to meet the above prime role i.e.

  • Strategic distribution of teachers to different classes in different subjects. This is done in collaboration with the heads of departments.
  • Ensuring timely time tabling of lessons and examinations
  • Supervising lesson attendance by both learners and teachers.
  • Ensuring timely assessment of learners.
  • Organizing remedial lessons to boost weak students.
  • Supervising termly report making
  • Ensuring that each learner has the minimum requirements for effective learning
  • Following up academic progress of all categories of learners.
  • Outsourcing resourceful materials like past papers, books and teachers.
  • Conducting academic and non academic career guidance sessions on issues like Subject combination choices, future academic careers and institutions of choice after O&A levels.
  • Supervising attendance to private reading and discussion groups by students.
  • Ensuring that a condusive learning environment is availed to the learners, by liasing with office of college estates.
  • Conducting academic meetings to generate new ideas to improve academics.
  • Organizing special meetings between individual students and parents with class teachers and subjects teachers in areas which a learner’s performance is wanting or the child has special interest.
  • Formulating and designing academic programme from time to time.
  • In all the above the office of the Director of Studies relies on the teaching advice of Brother Headteacher, his Deputies, management bodies  (PTA & B.O.G), and the technical advice from members of staff who are endowed with vast experience.    

Goals and Objectives

The Department of Academics is focused on the initiation of implementation of programmes that enable the College to continue excelling at National Examinations both the U.C.E and U.A.C.E Examinations.

The Programmes are guided by the theme of the year, i.e "EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT FOR QUALITY PERFORMANCE".

In that regard, the Department Congratulates the Candidates of 2019 for the Excellence results posted at the National Examinations. We shall always be proud of the performance.


Division 1 194
Division II 04
Division III 00


19-20 17-18 15-16 10-14 Below 10

You can download a copy of all the results of both U.C.E and U.A.C.E results from this website on downloads.

We look foward to producing better results come 2020. Already serious planning has been done, challenges identifies and interventions are already at implementation level.



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