Student life in the College varies from one student to another. The activities vary and are engaging as most of the remarkable students we have not only work hard in class but also take part in other activities like sports and athletes, music and drama and many other student based activities. The College has a population of slightly over 1000 students attending their Uganda Certificate and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education levels.


Clubs and Societies at St. Henry’s College Kitovu provide the students with an opportunity to develop and nurture their hobbies and interests into important life skills. This is an important aspect of the co-curricular activities at SHACK.Each club or society has a Patron who is a teacher and he/she provides leadership in addition to liaising with the central administration.The Clubs and Societies at SHACK include:

  • The Interact Club
  • The Legion of Mary
  • The Scripture Union
  • Xaverian Movement
  • Debating club
  • I.C.T club
  • Writers’ club
  • Youth Alive club
  • The Wildlife Club
  • French Club
  • Young Christian Students (YCS) Movement
  • St. Peter the Apostle (SPA)
  • The Scouts
  • SHACK News link


As the college mission states, “To produce self-reliant citizens who are well informed in character and knowledge acquisition.” Really character is formed at the mighty college. Character regards behavior, social conduct, hard work etc. all uplifted by the clubs in SHACK.

Imagine the works of Interact, youth Alive and not forgetting the Young Christian Students (Y.C.S) clubs and movements, social life and charity are all at their best. Interaction, making friends all done through these clubs.

Eulogize Legion of Mary/Legio Marie, St. Peter the apostle (SPA) and SHACK angels choir for the religious work rendered. All those in need of divine intervention (in fact most of us) must make use of these clubs. Thank you for the prayers towards the college’s up stay.

Talk about innovation, language and expression, also natural conservation, no one beats I.C.T club, French club and Debate club plus Wild life club respectively in this game. Guess you now know the reason why SHACK Debate club is the best in East Africa. This is taking it to another level of visiting Germany this Holiday. Big ups to SHACK Debate club.

Have you ever thought of being informed in the school about the current affairs in the country? Throw away the newspapers, grab yourself any edition of the News link club for all the latest in the college and outside. Thanks to you future journalists #News link Club.

Take a visit in the college for example during Visitation day, you will acknowledge the work of our dear Xaverian and Scouts Movement. You will get a satisfactory reason why #Scouts movement of SHACK is the best in East Africa also.

Lastly, being patriotic to both your mother land and school is a MUST. Patriotism club of SHACK is around to increase the awareness and love for our dear country Uganda and also the college at large.

We appreciate!!!!!!

If you want to talk about clubs in the country, dare not forget about clubs in SHACK because they rock the college.



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