The Brothers of Christian Instruction also known as the De la Mennais Brothers is a Christian educational organization founded in 1819 by Gabriel Deshayes and Jean-Marie de la Mennais for the instruction of youth. Their aim remains that of their Founder : "to educate the young and to make Jesus Christ better known and better loved"

On June 16, 1819, Gabriel Deshayes, pastor at Auray and vicar general of Vannes, and Jean-Marie de Lamennais, vicar of Saint-Brieuc, two Catholic priests in France, established the Brothers of Christian Instruction. Formally recognized by the Catholic Church in 1890, this organization dedicated itself to promoting education among the working class in France and, eventually, across the world.

They vowed to carry the message of the gospel and the rudiments of knowledge to every child in need throughout the region and received Catholic papal approval in 1890. The congregation of the Brothers of Christian Instruction grew, soon extending their mission into Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, England, Canada, and the United States.

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